Mantra for the Passing & Arriving


Akal meaning timeless, immortal, undying.

This very simple mantra help the souls go through transition, for the departing one ascending into the ethereal real from the earthly world, and for the arriving souls (new born) descending to the earth from heavenly realm.

Chant Akal three times everyday for 17 days since the passing for the soul. It is one of the best thing we could do for a leaving soul, no matter we know him/her or not. You could just set the intention to send the sound current to him/her.

Pregnant women would want to chant Akal several times everyday for the baby in her womb. It helps the baby soul to get settled on the earth.

New mothers would want to chant Akal for the new baby who have just arrived on the earth for a good period of time. This will ease the stress in the intense early days for the baby and mother together.

When you are feeling despaired, scattered, defeated, weak or hopeless, when you want support, protection and soulful connections, chant Akal.  It connects you to your soul, to  infinity, the al mighty. It gives you instant strength, faith and trust. 

“As the soul came and traveled through time and space and dropped the body to go unto Infinity, grant the soul the passage unto Thee, to peace, tranquility and everlasting rest.

Guru says, ‘Oh the fortunate one, listen to the Infinite which has no boundary.’

That’s why we have chanted Akaal—it breaks the boundaries, it breaks bondage, it frees us to reach the One who brought us here.”  – Yogi Bhajan


Here is a beautiful version of Akal from White Sun :)!

Enjoy   &  Sat Nam

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