Mantra for Compassion & Oneness

Ang Sang Wahe Guru

Ang Sang Wahe Guru –  GOD/ The infinit is in every cell of mine, vibrating in ecstasy!

Ang – every cell, every limb, every part

Sang – in every part, with every part

Wahe – exclamation in ecstacy, like  Hallelujah

Guru – the one who brings darkness into light,  the teacher, the spirit guide, highest self

Chanting this mantra :

  • Synchronizes the finite sense of self to the Infinite Oneness

  • Invoke the experience of Love, Peace, Healing,  Unity, Harmony & Equilibrium

  • Destroy the negative thoughts & thought patterns 
  • Dissolve fear, pain, hatred, worry & all undesirable emotions

A simple and powerful meditation with this mantra: 

Sit relaxed in Easy Pose ( leg crossed & spine erect), hands in Gyan Mudra ( index finger touching the thumb), eyes closed, chanting Ang Sang Wahe Guru for up to 31 min.  To finish, deep inhale, hold the breath, deep exhale, repeat three times, and relax.

This meditation opens up your seventh and eighth chakra, and exalts your intuition.

“This mantra expresses a universal truth. Repeating it creates a thought, which gradually guides the psyche to adjust itself. lt reconnects every fragmented projection of the psyche, each separated part of the body, and synchronizes the finite to the Infinite.

This act of rejoining the separated parts is the quintessential act of healing. Under attack, under war, under the pressures of fear, this meditation keeps us together, conscious, and ready to act. lt brings the inner peacefulness that comes only from the touch and scope of spirit.

The dynamic, loving energy of the Infinite is dancing in every limb and every cell of our being. lndividual consciousness merges with the Universal Consciousness. With this mantra, we experience that we are not alone. The lnfinite One is with us in every cell and every limb of our being. We feel the Divine Presence removing our fears and loneliness.”

Excerpt from Mantra: Personal Guidance through the Power of the Word, by Bibiji

“Yogi Bhajan taught us to chant this mantra consciously. Look at the tip of the nose. First notice the tongue, mouth, and reflexes that accompany conscious chanting. Then connect the sounds spoken at the Navel Point. Speak each sound with the navel energy activated. Then as the energy builds and the central channel of the spine opens, vibrate all time and space from that central channel.

Merge into that infinite pulse and let the innate structure of the sound, the naad, raise your Kundalini, dissolve your ego and your fears, and immerse you in the clarity and ecstasy of the Oneness of All. ”  – Gurucharan Singh Kalsa

Here are some beautiful versions of Ang Sang Wahe Guru.

Enjoy the listening, chanting, and this beautiful healing and merging process.



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