Celebrate the 120th Day

In the Kundalini yoga tradition, we believe that the soul enters the mother’s womb on the 120th day of the pregnancy, counting from the day of the conception. Thus, this is one of the most important days.

It is a gateway.

Before the 120th day, according to Yogi Bhajan, the fetus is like a human statue. The parents are given this period of time to carefully think through, plan and prepare for the journey of parenting hood.  It is okay, if the parents so choose to let go of the child.

From the 120th day till birth, the soul dwells in the mother’s womb, and the mother starts to imprint on the child’s psyche. Whatever she thinks, feels, experiences will be imprinted on the child’s subconscious mind. The mother’s vibration starts to shape the life of the child in a significant way.

On the 120th day, the mother’s magnetic field/ frequency/ states of mind, will have a big influence on the soul that comes in. The happier she feels, the more positive she is, the brighter her aura is, the higher soul she will be able to attract into her worm, the better/easier/smoother experience the child has when he/she enters, the more stable the child starts in his/her human life.

So, we want to do our best to elevate the mother, on this special day :)! We want her to have a very very good time on this day:)!

We could

Gather for her

Celebrate her

Praise her

Honor her

Hold ceremonies for her



Practice yoga


Offer gifts

Have feast for her

It is the day for her, the divine mother!

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